We know your world

Pomilio Blumm Travel is designed to support complex and customised travel services for institutions, officers and participants.

It schedules daily travel plans for over 100 contracting authorities on 5 continents on both an individual and group scale.

It builds its expertise on the experience of Pomilio Blumm, one of the leading event organisers on an international scale, rated by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies and designated by the C4P index as one of Europe's top contracting companies.

Pomilio Blumm Travel uses the logistics and service network of 119 companies worldwide.

Our staff works across numerous time zones and languages and is used to supporting individual institutions or individuals on hundreds of logistical tasks each year.


We are providing a customised service for institutional travellers who, through missions' organisation or participation in conferences and events, contribute to the development of the value chain.

We have the ambition to develop a unique structure exclusively dedicated to the dynamics related to global democratisation processes by connecting daily officers, speakers, opinion leaders, politicians and stakeholders on the most complex world scenarios, on the 5 continents throughout the 4 seasons.


We consider bringing people together for opinion and cultural exchange that enriches the heritage of democracy and values an extraordinary tool for individual and collective communication through 'travel' and the participation of people in initiatives and projects promoted by leading local and international institutions.

We envisage a planet where connecting individuals and values means more than organising travel hospitality and transfers.