We are proudly European, yet globally connected

Through our world-class network and 10 internationally-located branch offices, we serve Europe's connection goals.

More than just a travel company: Pomilio Blumm is an international community that engages 119 specialised partners worldwide with branch offices in Alicante, Ginevra, Washington, Tirana and now in ...

Today, by building on our early experiences in the Middle East, we have grown to become a primary global player that continues to maintain our distinctive Italian hspitality approach and pan-European perspective.

Three satellite companies in highly strategic areas – Rhino Med in Alicante, Pomilio Blumm Europe in Brussels and Pomilio Blumm America Corp in Washington – allow us to easily shift between the local and global spheres, and, in doing so, overcome regional boundaries through the adoption of a genuine cross-cultural approach that is significantly boosted by our unique services ecosystem.