Our tangible and intangible assets

We use native and international standard tools such as Amadeus and Galileo as well as platforms for hotel reservations, transfers, visa issuance and rail and sea ticketing, both domestic and international.

Thanks to our constant in-house research and development, we have patented more than 73 advanced proprietary tools, giving each project added value in terms of overall effectiveness, complete customisation and increased technical reliability.

From our Datatelling and Sonification strategies, Palladium and VIC platforms to the Blumm Tailor System: we apply original solutions to improve every component of our projects.

Technological tools

The Virtual Interactive Conference (VIC)

An innovative tool for the creation of engaging, flexible, and accessible online events boasting full participation, real-time interaction, and live streaming functions.

Technological tools


Immerse your perfect e-conference activity within a stunning virtual venue, and discover our rich heritage through exclusive locations.

Management tools


Is the largest GDS (global distribution system) in the world, accounting for about 40% of travel agent bookings and used by about 90,000 travel agents. Measured by its total market share, with about 40% of travel agency bookings passing through its network, the system was established in 1987 and connects travel agents with hotel rooms, airline tickets and various other travel services.

Management tools

Galileo GDS

Is a global distribution system based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is owned by Travelport, forming part of their collective offer, which also includes the Apollo and Worldspan systems. Galileo can be used to book hotel rooms, airline tickets, train tickets, cruises and car rentals.

Management tools


An entirely new approach to smart event management – a fully customisable platform, it comes complete with outstanding User Interface.