Enhancing every travel project with solid ethical vocation

In line with our passion for social commitment, our work and vision are built on strong deontological principles that have been ratified by outstanding certifications and multiple CSR initiatives.

Ethical management and accountability are fundamental requirements in today's entrepreneurial culture and practice, and working selectively with the public sector entails even stronger commitment towards such values.

This is why we continue to apply solid deontological and environmental principles to all our processes and products, while deploying multiple certifications such as the 3-Stars Legality Rating, and an intense programme of community-targeted activities.

Pomilio Blumm's distinctive dedication towards the common good and societal benefit is strongly grounded within the company's history, and in its resolve to develop virtuous and reciprocally enriching relationships between citizens and institutions promoting encounters professionals worldwide.

As active members of several non-profit associations including the Business Integrity Forum, Emergency, and Transparency International, we are also deeply involved with numerous initiatives relating to civic interest through direct contributions and donations – as evidenced during Italy's COVID-19 crisis.